Synergy Dance Competition - 10th Anniversary Tour


synergy Dance 2017

We understand the dedication and hard work of the dancer, teacher, studio and family. As a family based business, family values and team spirit are at the core of our philosophy. We promote healthy competition and strive to ensure fair opportunities for each performer to grow and achieve personal success beyond their expectations. Year round we are brainstorming fresh ideas to ensure we bring our tour something new every year, while maintaining the organized, on time (and in order) event you expect. Our goal is to redesign the competition experience by infusing elements of fun never seen or done at events before. We are not just “another dance competition,” event management is our greatest passion. We focus on the entire process for the children (entering, performing, in between time, awards sessions, departing) while treating teachers, parents and guests like family. Come feel the energy at our events, it is our desire to create memories that last a lifetime

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